New Update

Hello Konect:Edu students, We’d like to update you with some improvements we have made in our services.
First of all, our official WhatsApp number has changed, reason being that a new software is now being used for a better service. (wa.me/+821042054204)
New number
There will never be a change again in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
[1] New Homework Guide
With our previous homework system, we weren’t able to give a quick and proper feedback for homework and this has caused so much of wait on the students’ end.
We have now created a new system which allows our teachers to give prompt feedback for homework submissions. Also, there is an additional feature which allows you to evaluate the feedback you had received with reference to your satisfactory level.
[2] New Self-study Guide
Attending classes alone won’t help you to improve your Korean unless you do self-study.
For this, we have prepared videos where you can self-navigate, study and review what you had learnt.
[3] New Certificate Guide
You can get a certificate at the end of each level. When you have completed a level, kindly follow these instructions to receive your certificate.
[4] Q&A and Feedback Guide
Do send us your feedback on our services and suggestions on how we can improve them.
We’re performing continual improvements and hearing from you would help us be a better educational service provider! We value what you think.