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Learn More About Konect:Edu

1. Students First: Tell us your dream or purpose of learning and we will guide you to choose the best course that fits your goals. Then, share your preferences and we will proceed to arranging the best class and teacher which suits you and your schedule.
2. Structured Curriculum: We have a structured curriculum which is used by all teachers to ensure streamlined instruction and a more definite achievement of learning standards across all levels.
3. Wholesome teaching and learning: In every class, you will be given lots of opportunities to equally develop all skills in learning Korean and this include listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar.
4. Fun, engaging and interactive classes: The teachers use a variety of current, exciting, meaningful, and purposeful learning strategies to enliven the classroom and successfully achieve all the intended learning objectives. If you were to join the group class, then you will have the additional opportunity of making new friends from all over the world.
6. Bonus sessions: We have a membership course which you can attend once a week, for free. In this session, you will learn additional things about Korean language and the culture which aren't taught in the textbook.