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Konect:Edu is a real-time online Korean class platform where you can learn Korean from a qualified native teacher
We would like to invite you to embark on a journey to learn Korean with us.
Konect:Edu will always offer you our best support to achieve your dreams and passion.


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The Reason Why You Need to Choose KONECTEDU

I am certain that you would have come across many platforms which offer Korean classes and you're probably in a quandary of which one to choose.
Let me make this decision-making process easier by laying out a few key-points that make Konect:Edu distinct from other platforms.

Achieve This By Learning Korean At Konect:Edu

Do you want to get a scholarship
to further your studies in Korea?
Do you want to fully understand Korean culture?
Are you desiring to work in Korea?
Do you want to watch K-drama without any subtitles?
Regardless, we will provide a fun and effective Korean language learning experience that can make your dreams come true.

At KONECT:EDU you will:

learn with a well-designed and structured curriculum that enables you to master Korean in a fast yet fun way,
be taught by a qualified and dedicated teacher who will always support your passion and dream.
find great joy in learning Korean and be greatly driven to achieve your goals.

Learn Korean from the experts

Learning Korean from a native speaker is of paramount importance as this would enable you to learn and develop a more natural and perfect pronunciation of the language.
On top of that, you will also be able to learn the culture which is often reflected in the language used in terms of slangs, dialects and even expressions.
At Konect:Edu, our teachers are not only 100% natives but they have also passed our high recruitment standards.
Apart from having a major in the field from renown universities, they also have vast experiences from work and travel, a great awareness of cultural differences and intriguing interests.
Konect:Edu is indeed the platform where you can learn Korean from the best teachers!

Our customized Intensive curriculum

Our customized intensive curriculum will enable you to learn Korean in an accelerated yet enjoyable manner. It does not encompass reading alone, instead of writing and speaking skills are taught on par with what is offered at education institutions in Korea.
Level 1 and 2
Level 3 and 4

Course Description

Level 1 : 9 weeks
Real people, real results
By the end of this course, students will be able to have a general understanding of Korean language and be able to participate in basic conversations.
The first four weeks are dedicated to the aspects of listening, reading, and writing the Korean alphabet correctly and to improve pronunciation intensively.
In the second half of the course, students will be able to form sentences in Korean and practice conversations at a basic level.
Level 2: 10 weeks
In level 2, students will practice communicating basic but essential phrases needed for any learner before proceeding further.
Topics that are closely related to daily life and experience such as describing familiar objects, people, and places will be covered.
Also, students will practice asking and responding to questions pertaining to weather, numbers, date and time as well as days of the week.
Furthermore, students will understand basic grammatical structures to express events in the past, negate a statement and make suggestions.

Graduation From KonectEdu

Basic Graduation Gift: Certificate Graduation
We select five excellent graduates of the Absolute Beginner Package.
The students who are selected will receive the favorite idol's album as a free gift.
The selection criteria are evaluated as attendance checks, homework submission and test scores.

Real Testimonials

By KonectEdu Students
Every semester, around 100 people from 10 different countries study at Konect: Edu and the majority of these people enroll in the Group Program.
Konect:Edu Korean classes are small and offer many opportunities for interaction
to take place with the teacher and other students in class.
Sylvia Shanti

Best Investment

Learn Korean at Konectedu is by far one of the best investments. I have made to my self-development
I always looking forward to the classes because the teacher always had something new to teach every week.
Anna Francesca

Organized System

The teachers are really accommodating, and the system is very organized.
Those who are interested in learning the Korean language whether for leisure or business should definitely try Konect:Edu.
Thangaselvi Angel

The Best Place You Can Learn Korean

I'm glad that I found Konectedu, because this is the best place you can learn Korean.
I was very nervous my teahcer taught us very nicely, even if I make mistakes she teaches us patienlty and encourages us to more..!
Vanessa Yundanto
Qualified Native Teachers
There are a few courses that I've seen but Konectedu hooked me because of the curriculm and the native speaker.
I may have just entered for a few months, but I've learned so much.
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Over 50.000 Instagram followers worldwide learning Korean with our content.


Enroll as early as possible to join this course. Because the number of students for this class is limited and enrollment is first come to facilitate optimal language learning
After payment, please install "Whatsapp" and send a message with your Receipt (https://wa.me/821072554204) to be invited to the announcement group.
You will be invited classroom three days before your semester starts.
Take fun Korean classes according to your schedule!


Not sure which course or plan to choose?
Speak to one of our course consultants and theyโ€™ll help you choose the right plan.
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